Soldier of Fortune GmbH is an online retailer specializing in free sports and recreational weapons, knives and outdoor accessories with two branches in Berlin, Friedrichshain and Neuköln. We are the general importer of the following companies: SMG inc. (Gletcher, Steel Will), FormOptik, Yarrow and Desperado. We offer American, Russian, Japanese, Norwegian and Finnish knives made of high quality steel grades (N690, K110, VG-10, CDP189, ATS34 and more), e.g. Damascus knives or knives from Steel Will, Rockstead, Al-Mar, Boker, KA-BAR, Helle, CRKT, FKMD and Lionsteel, as well as machetes from Desperado. Cheap offers for airsoft or airsoft guns in caliber 6 mm (depending on the shot energy from 14 or 18 years), such as the Heckler & Koch MP5, G36, MP7 from Umarex, airsoft pistols from Gletcher or the Schmeisser AR-15, M16, M4 as well as accessories from G & G, ICS, KingArms and many more. Large assortment of air guns such as tipper rifles and pistols, CO2 weapons from Gletcher, Umarex, Browning, Perfecta, Walter, Beretta, Smith and Wesson, Colt, Gamo, Sig Sauer and Steyr. In the field of crossbow we offer various models and accessories of the company Yarrow. Tippmann paintball markers, GOG and Smart Parts, entry-level paintball kits, Real Action Marker ram, HP systems, paintball masks, and Woodland gear and accessories. In the field of self-protection you will find gas and blank pistols from Umarex, Röhm, Zoraki, ME and ISSC, PV and CS ammunition, pepper spray, pepper foam or pepper gel as well as Tonfa, Kubotan, stun guns and much more. Tactical LED flashlights with the new generation of LED technology and patented optical systems from FormOptik, LED Lenser or ArmyTek. Deco weapons, replicas and decorative turrets, such as the legendary Colt Peacemaker, holster, pistol belt and much more.